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At CERN in Geneva, scientists come from every corner of the world to join together and work towards a common goal; the feeling CERN cultivates is unparalleled. CERN is not just a place where innovation takes place, it is also a place that inspires those who want to push the boundaries of science. Alongside the physics, Geneva was fascinating....‘ Palais de Nations’, chipmunks, alpine lakes, double-decker trains, rainbows, Mary Shelly, the water jet, sunshine... the list goes on!

Cramming everything into 2 days kept us on our toes (literally!), and we are in no doubt that every one of us had a brilliant time exploring both the city and the working world of physics. Thank you so so much to Mr Rushforth and Miss Grace for putting up with us and for all the laughs, it was honestly so amazing!

By Hannah, Lute and Chloe, Year 12