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 Academic Progress 

We want all our students to work to their personal limits and reach their highest potential so they can do themselves justice.


At the beginning of an Sixth Form course, students will be given target grades based on their average GCSE Point Score. For A Level students this will be grades A - E. Students will be assessed and given a score such as A1, A2, A3 or B1, B2, B3 etc to determine how secure they are within the grade. (BTEC courses- DIST, MERIT, PASS etc). An effort grade is built in as a check facility where:

  • Students should strive to attain grades in excess of their target grades.
  • Students and Form tutors are given grades and these are sent home to parents every half term.
  • Students should be aware that progression to the second year is contingent upon a satisfactory performance in the first year of the course.
  • Student's grades will be placed on an assessment database and reviewed on a regular basis with staff at any point throughout the year.
  • Parents may speak with the Head of Year or Key Stage 5 Assistant Headteacher to discuss the grades.
  • EMB (Electronic Mark Book). Grades will be input every two weeks and can be accessed via eportal - a username and password will be provided to parents to enable them to view progress.

Formal Assessment

A Level
All students have an assessment week at the beginning of the Spring Term. Results of internal assessments are published during the first week of January, with recommendations for entry to public examinations. Assessments are also made in March to prepare for summer exams.

Vocational Courses
Advanced GCE and BTEC courses demand continuous assessment through portfolio evidence and examinations. It is the aim of the Sixth Form that assessment is rigorously undertaken with internal verification procedures, ensuring the quality of assessment decisions. Students are entered for external tests at appropriate times.

Academic Tutoring

Overall Aim

  • To improve attainment
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and intellectual development
  • To help raise the level of performance of all students and help to achieve a standard of excellence
  • To consolidate and formalise activities already taking place

This is achieved through:

  • Student discussion with subject teachers
  • Academic Review days
  • Target setting, action planning and review by students
  • Case meetings by staff
  • Parental contact by Head of Year

Setting Targets

Two sets of targets are set:

  • A Short Term Target - to be achieved within two weeks
  • A Medium Term Target - to be achieved before the next Target Setting Date (full or interim)

All Targets need to be:

1   Individual to the student (although certain themes may be common to more than one student).

2   S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific - What exactly does the student have to achieve?
  • Measurable - How to know if the student has achieved it?
  • Achievable - Is it a realistic target for the student to achieve?
  • Relevant - Is it an important thing for the student to do at the moment?
  • Time - related - When does the student have to achieve this by?

Parental Consultation

Written reports are sent home periodically. Parents/guardians are also invited to attend:

  • Induction Evening (Year 12)
  • Review Day (Year 12 and Year 13)
  • Parents Evening (Year 12 and Year 13)

Each event provides the opportunity to meet and discuss with staff about the student's work and progress with Sixth Form Courses.


Students are set a minimum of 5 hours homework per subject per week. Subject teachers record a progress grade on line each two weeks, which parents can access online.


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