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Pastoral Care

At the Ursuline, we aim to continue to cater for the individual learning needs of all students. Lesson support is provided when necessary and continued personal development programmes are designed to support pupils with social, mental and emotional health along with sensory and/or physical needs.  There is a dedicated Learning Support centre led by the SENCO and the use of teaching assistants who will work in partnership with the subject teacher to help students to access the curriculum.


Tutors will do the following:

  • Discuss students' progress with them at regular intervals in reviews
  • Negotiate personal and social comments for your UCAS Personal Statement.
  • Help students to study more effectively and to assess their abilities realistically and exploit them
    fully through a programme of tutorial guidance.
  • Discuss students' career and higher education ambitions with them and advise them.
  • Encourage students to take advantage of all the opportunities, both academic and social, which are offered to them.
  • Monitor students' academic, social and personal development
  • Monitor students' attendance and punctuality on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that students' dress is in keeping with the school dress code.

Counselling Support

Students who require additional personal support have the option of one to one counselling in school at the recommendation of the Head of Year. In addition students can speak to the school nurse confidentially during her weekly visit to the school.