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Student Societies

Sixth Form students at the Ursuline have the invaluable opportunity to set up, run and get involved with societies. These societies are led and organised by students for students.


These societies seek to enrich student experiences and promote academic rigour whilst developing key relationships with younger students. Additionally they allow students to develop leadership skills beyond the curriculum.

Each society organises events such as debates, lectures and guest speakers. In addition they look for opportunities to attend trips and events that would engage and enrich their learning beyond the curriculum.


 Current societies include:


The Winton Society: deepening knowledge of the world of publication and media

The Sassen Society: exploring photography’s role in society and the world

The Keller Society: promoting the work of charities and awareness groups

The Loroupe Society: for students interested in sports

The Hartness Society: for those who care about the food industry

The Coleman Society: Performance arts and theories surrounding performance.











International Links

Ursuline Sixth Form provides students with further opportunities to gain experiences beyond the curriculum through international links with Ursuline schools all around the world.


Sixth Formers have an opportunity to take part in a New Orleans and Idaho exchanges and there have been international trips to Dallas, New York and China. Students value the opportunity to experience different cultures and gain a greater understanding of communities across the world. Languages students have the opportunity to partake in international work experience in Germany, Spain or France to gain an invaluable opportunity of living in a foreign environment.

Several trips and visits are available for Sixth Form students including: Debating, Mock Bar competitions, visits to universities to hear subject specialist speakers and academic enrichment trips to places such as CERN to see the Hadron Collider.